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The island of Burano is like a pearl in the middle of the lagoon … beautiful, colorful, characteristic.

If you have never been to this island that even steals the hardest hearts, we give you some advice on what to see.

First of all as soon as you set foot, after getting off the boat, there is always an air of joy, welcoming and festive that surrounds you. It always seems to be at home maybe the children will run playful among the streets or the clean clothes hanging from the windows. Or the smell of freshly baked bread and desserts or even freshly cooked fish in restaurants.

The flavors are strong and determined as the traditions that structure the island.

The Kiwi The Explorer guys have defined Burano as the set island, full of corners to see and little places to know and discover.

The house of Bepi is definitely the heart of the island because it contains all the colors of Burano in a single building. While that of Gianfranco Rosso has walls that speak of tides, carnival, lace, fishermen and regattas.

Then there is Fondamenta Cao di Rio which is one of the most picturesque canals thanks to the fact that the colored houses reflect on the water and everything mixes and alternates.

If you want to see the sunrise from a fantastic place, we recommend the Terrazza su Torcello with a view of the sun rising over Torcello.

While if you want to immerse yourself in the spirit of the island in Fondamenta Terranova you will find the fishermen with their fishing boats and the freshly caught fish, as well as the small squares of the area with the clothes hanging out.

The only square on the island is Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi, dedicated to Galuppi and where the lace museum is located.

In addition to this, Burano also has a small baroque-Lombard church with only one side entrance and a bell-tower as the tower of Pisa.

For romantics, do not miss a stop at the “Love Viewing Bridge”, the bridge of love in Burano, one of the most beautiful places.

As soon as you enter Venice, then also in Burano, you can not fail to notice the official sport: the rowing. Everything in Venice speaks of Historical Regattas, gondolini, Regattas, mascarete, caorline etc.

Another famous point of the island of Burano is Mazzorbo, an island that became famous thanks to “Venissa”, an ancient vineyard.

As for the traditions of the island of colors, we can tell you that laces and buranelli biscuits are the masters.

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