Italian Meringue

Recipe for Italian Meringue


To prepare an Italian meringue you need: 2 spheres of sponge cake 30 cm in diameter, some baileys, milk, Chantilly cream, 250gr. egg whites, 500gr of sugar.


Mount the egg whites, and in the meanwhile melt the sugar with some water at 121 degrees in a casserole. Afterwards add the syrup to to egg whites and continue to stir until everything has cooled off.

In a cake tin put one of the sponge spheres that has been softened with some baileys and milk, add a few centimeters of the chantilly cream. Put the second sphere of sponge on the top still softened with baileys and milk, adding another layer of cream. Once the meringue has cooled completely off, cover the cake making a flaming design. At this point  blaze the meringue.