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    A dish that we are proud of

Gò Risotto, Burano and it’s best recipe

The Go Risotto is made with the fish Go (goby fish) of course, a fish that is not very nice to look at, but brings out excellent flavors to this dish, a dish that has made Trattoria Romano famous all over the world. The Gò is a fish from the lagoon, its real name is Ghiozzo.
With the Gò you will make a fantastic stock in which you cook the rice: Of course you don’t have to leave these ingredients out like celery, onion, carrots and a bit of parsley, aromas that cannot miss.
The rice that you need to make Gò Risotto is Vialone nano ( an excellent kind of rice that keeps its tenderness and a very good quality), for this dish it will poured in the still hot plates.

So how do you prepare a Gò Risotto?

The recipe: How to prepare Gò Risotto

Proceedings. Once you prepared the fish stock with the goby fish, our hundred years old recipe, the rice needs to be stirred continuously until it arrives at a good point of the cooking. You need to add the stock a bit at a time until the rice is cooked completely. The final touch is the “creaming” which means stirring the rice with a wooden ladle that makes the rice absorb all the greasy parts from the ingredients like the stock, butter and parmesan cheese which are all added little by little during the cooking. And that’s you will obtain a delicious creamy Risotto.
Now it’s ready to be served!

We are very proud of our Da Romano recipe, especially the last “jump of the rice” when you obtain the creaminess. We have had food critics from all over the world visiting like Anthony Bourdain, to film the preparation of the Gò Risotto.

So what more is there to add?

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