Il tuo matrimonio a Burano in un posto incantevole?
  • Happily ever after

Your Wedding at Romano

in Burano Venice

A place where we make you feel special
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Your wedding? Or confirmation, baptism, communion of your son or nephew? We are delighted to present the new set-up for all ceremonies.

A true luxurious antique dining room, which displays its ancient charm and puts it at the service of those who want to indulge their dreams, on the day of their wedding.

Choosing it as the location of your marriage means diving into history and the culture of Venice,

a real treasure chest in which to keep the most beautiful memory of your life.

Among the characteristic elements of this wonderful location is a room full of art and culture, a plateau from the square of Burano, where you can take pictures and relax between one course and another.

A truly perfect mix to crown the most beautiful dream of love!

From the fireworks to the sea, to a private dinner in our wonderful room, we can transform any event in a memorable and spectacular occasion.

Give the person you love a private dinner for a special occasion

Organize a surprise party.

Immerse yourself in the majestic atmosphere of our restaurant and enjoy the sublime surroundings of Burano Square while celebrating a special moment of your life.

Declare eternal love on the most beautiful island of Venice.

Contact us and transform your dreams into reality.

If you think that the historic charm of Venice and in particular Burano should be shown to your guests, you must celebrate your wedding at Burano, at the Trattoria Da Romano.

Getting married in Venice

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