Who we are 
  Half an hour away from Venice, in the middle of the lagoon, there is the wonderful island of Burano, well-known for the art of lace and its colourful houses inhabitated by fishermen. Here, at the beginning of the 20th century, Romano Barbaro opened a restaurant for the inhabitants of the island and the first tourists.

In 1910 the first painters landed at the island and were fascinated by the magic atmosphere of this place. Among the first artists there were Gino Rossi, umberto Moggioli, Pio Semeghini, Arturo Martini, Luigi Scopnich, that were important artists and men of letters who loved Burano met. In fact, in a short time, the restaurant was filled with paintings, which, still now, are as thickly hung at the walls as stamps on the pages of an album.

Nowadays all these presents to Romano are part of a precious collection of works by artists of different generations. Among them there are many well-known and important names of the contemporary art, that make this restaurant a central place of a matchless cultural season

The restaurant "Da Romano" is one of the places that the "vips" of the 20th century most loved and frequent, and one of the most charming artistic restaurants of Venice.
"Da Romano" has always been managed by the Barbaro family, who continues the tradition with love and ability, giving prestige and a pleasant hospitality to the restaurant.

Here you can taste the typical dishes of the lagoon cuisine: the risottos and fish dishes, famous for their refined simplicity that comes from an old gastronomic art.